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Senshu Electric Group Code of Conduct


In addition to being an economic entity that pursues profits through fair competition, a company must also be a useful entity to society at large. To this end, all officers and employees of the Senshu Electric Group, whether in Japan or overseas, shall respect human rights, comply with relevant laws and regulations, international rules and their spirit, and act voluntarily with social common sense toward the creation of a sustainable society, based on the following 10 principles.

Compliance with laws and regulations

We will comply with applicable laws and regulations and carry out our corporate activities in a fair and upright manner in accordance with the purpose of the laws and regulations.

Compliance with laws and regulations is a basic requirement for all business activities. We will comply with domestic and foreign laws and regulations as well as our company rules, will not engage in any activities that violate social moral principle, will clearly distinguish between public and private matters, and will conduct business activities based on fair, open, and free competition.

Earning the trust of customers

Under free competition in the market, we will provide products and services that meet the needs of our customers and properly provide them with accurate product information to earn the trust of our customers.

In order to gain and maintain the trust of our customers, we will take all possible measures to maintain and guarantee the quality of the products and services we provide, and provide them with accurate information. In addition, in order to meet the needs of our customers, we will always appropriately understand and reflect the voice of the market in our products and services.

Relationship of trust with business partners

We will build relationships of trust with our business partners based on fair and honest business relationships, and strive for mutual development.

We will conduct our corporate activities in a manner that respects free and fair trade rules and eliminates unfair trade practices such as collusion, price adjustment, and abuse of a dominant position.

Appropriate management of personal information and confidential information

We will properly manage personal information and confidential information of the company.

In addition to the preparation, management, and storage of documents required by laws and regulations, we will establish internal information management systems and rules to ensure the appropriate management of confidential information within our company and personal information of our officers and employees, which are important management assets.

Understanding and support from shareholders and creditors

We will obtain the understanding and support from our shareholders and creditors through fair and transparent corporate management.

We will meet the expectations of our shareholders and creditors and maintain their trust through thorough corporate governance and fair and transparent corporate management.

Communication with society and coexistence with local communities

In order to communicate with society at large, we will listen to the demands of society and proactively disclose necessary corporate information.
We aim to coexist in harmony with the local community by cooperating in activities that contribute to the development of the community and to a comfortable and safe life.

In order to gain and maintain trust from both inside and outside the company as an "open company," we will collect the opinions of society requiring our corporate activities, actively and fairly disclose corporate information as necessary, and thereby enhance communication with society.

We will comply with environmental laws and regulations, and work to establish recycling systems in cooperation with local governments. We will also contribute to the development of the local community by respecting local culture and customs, and will strive to contribute to society at large by participating in local social activities, disaster relief activities, and volunteer activities.

Relationship with politics and government

We will maintain sound and transparent relationships with politics and government.

We will comply with the Political Funds Control Act and the Public Offices Election Act, etc., and will not make illegal political donations, contributions, or profit sharing. In addition, we will prohibit excessive entertainment and other activities that may lead to the misunderstanding that we have a cozy relationship with politics and government, and we will ensure that all officers and employees are aware of this.

Countermeasures against antisocial forces and groups

We shall not have any relationship with antisocial forces or groups that threaten the order and safety of society.

We will take a resolute stance against antisocial forces and groups, including so-called "sokaiya" (corporate extortionist) and organized crime groups. We will comply with the principles of "no fear," "no money," and "no use" of antisocial forces and groups in all areas of our business activities.

Harmony with the environment

We will act voluntarily and proactively, recognizing that addressing environmental issues is an essential requirement for a company's social existence and activities.

We recognize that it is our mission as a corporate citizen to pass on the irreplaceable Earth to future generations in a healthy state, and we will strive to conserve and improve the environment through all of our business activities.

Creating an environment for solidarity and self-expression among our officers and employees

We will create an environment in which our officers and employees can have a sense of solidarity as members of the company and can demonstrate their abilities and vitality.

We will actively work on the prevention of human rights issues, sexual harassment, power harassment, etc., and fair and impartial personnel evaluations. We will also strive to create an environment in which women, middle-aged and elderly employees, people with disabilities, and non-Japanese employees can fully demonstrate their abilities and provide mental health care and regular training to ensure a safe and comfortable working environment.

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Enacted on November 1, 2006