Company Information




At present, Japanese Industry is rapidly progressing towards High Value Added Type Industry.

Moreover, our business and life style have been changed dramatically by the remarkable progress of Information and Communication Technology, which is known as IT Revolution since 1990's.

We, Senshu Electric Co., Ltd., have caught the signal of new era sensitively and challenged in the various fields as a leading engineering trading company in the electric cable industry.

We are general trading company (Sogo-Shosha) in the electric cable industry and our business field is very wide and deep, from supply of FA, Equipments, Communication, Power and Optical Fiber Cable Products to Cable Assembly, Network Engineering Work and Total System Solution.

We have a very big capability which can comply with various demands and needs from our customers through combining of such expansion and effective organizing of individual capacities. Total Solution Power, this is our great advantage.

Electric Wire Business



The present is called highly developed information society, which is getting more multiple and complicated day by day.

Electric cables are required higher function and performance as a central nervous system in the information transmission lines.

We have developed various original products with our mottos, "Create anything is necessary but not available".

Our presentation of the most suitable specifications and fabricating technologies which can comply with various needs from individual customer enjoy the high confidence of many users.

Moreover, we catch the wave of Global Standards immediately and develop and supply overseas standard products for contribution to the requirements of the customers towards the next generation.



Our "Just In Time System", which has great high reputation as the best distribution system of products in the electric cable industry.

We have a global products procurement network which is closely connected with domestic and overseas manufacturers and our wide stock capacity - keeping in stock of more than 300,000 kinds products in the 30,000 square meters.

Such our business features can deliver each item of the products which are diversified to the right place and time quickly and exactly, namely "Just In Time".

This system is supported by the sophisticated skill of each professional staff working at our 18 offices which covers throughout the country from Hokkaido to Okinawa.

Non-Electric Wire Business



"Non-Cable Business":Challenging for Total Business of Network Age

"Non-Cable Business" which is activacated by our experience and know-how about electronics accumulated for many years.

Particularly in the field of information and communication which has been consistently expanding,corresponding to the passing of the age, Network related industry such as Optical Fiber and LAN is our target field from now on.

Not only the sale of products, but also systemizing the requirements of users, playing the role of the related engineering work, that is, the development of the total business is our advantages.

Even for this purpose,with our ides for challenge and innovation, we will keep on trackling the development of new products and the distribution of technological information.



We Develop New Business with Flexible Ideas, Bold Action and Superb Teamwork

IT Revolution is said to surpass Industrial Revolution.

As a general trading company in the field of electrical cables,we are also proficient in expanding business by utilizing our strong experiences and technical know-how which are inseparably linked to this information society.

These department is now chalenging in the new field such as the sale of optical communication, peripheral equipments and LAN, which are expected for increasingly higher growth as IT related business, in collaboration with our subsidiary company:STEC Co.,Ltd.

Particuary, pouring our energies on the grasp and analysis of user's needs, presenting the total network system, consulting, technical support etc., with our flexible ideas, bold action, we are positively marketing our best efforts to develop new businesses.